/ Service / mold making

AE have in-house tool-shop which build different material mold such as plastic mold, rubber mold, and die casting mould. This are able to be more closed for us control mold quality , function and trial to meet customer’s product demand.

During the past years, AE invested high-tech machine and facility to build longest mold life tool.  Our machine such as CNC MORISEKI, FANUC, EDM Sodick, Charmille,
Assembly fitting machine NICE, gun gill WOTA etc. AE also invested well-training workers to supply customer well-done products and services.

Being able to provide tight tolerance molds has been a key to the success of AE. Each mold is built directly from the database that is used for the mold design to ensure consistency from cavity to cavity and mold to mold.


Types of Molds Include:


·       BI-injection

·     cold runner

·       Multi-Cavity

·     Hot Runner

·       Auto Unscrewing

·     Insert molding

·       IML/IMD

·     Micro-switch

·       gas assistance

·     Hi-precision

·       Reverse

·    Hydraulic cylinder

·       Stack





     Rubber molding

        Gas blowing

    Die cutting